K N U C K L E – S O U P

Solo exhibition at Third Space 28/11 2014 – 3/1 2015.

Paintings in souplike water. Living Mantis Shrimps. The rythm of knuckles.

The exhibition Knuckle Soup revolves around fistfights among animals and humans.
Silas Inoue explores the concept of aggression as a cultural expression, and as a
primordial and instinctive form of behaviour. Through performance and painterly works,
he creates an installation that is at once humorous and thought provoking.

In the performance titled The Flat Face Theory, the accelerating rhythm of a speed bag
(normally used in boxing exercises) is synthesized with notes created by the sound artist duo
Anne Gry Kristensen and Kristian Poulsen. The performance is inspired by a brand new theory
on the evolution of the human face, in which it is argued that our flat face structure is a
consequence of violence among the apes we descent from. Or more accurately,
our features are the result of centuries of being punched in the face.

The performance is accompanied by a series of “living paintings”. The series consists of 3 specially
constructed aquariums, in which acrylic paintings inspired by envisions of the primordial soup serve
as underwater environments for one of natures most aggressive species; namely the Mantis Shrimp.
The Mantis Shrimp has over a period of thousands of years developed outstanding abilities,
such as the hardest punch in the animal kingdom, which is measured to reach the speed of a
22-caliber slug. These punches are used to open shells of prey and to fight rivals. Further more
the mantis shrimp posses the most complex eyes yet discovered in the world, with an ability to
sense ultraviolet light, and a broad spectrum of colors invisible to humans. The 3 Mantis Shrimps
will live and feed on living prey in the gallery during the whole period of Knuckle Soup.

With the exhibition Knuckle Soup the white cube-like room of Third Space has become a setting
for stylized aggression. The violent shrimps are confined within aesthetically created aquariums,
and the rhythmic beatings of Silas Inoues fists almost become music, while echoing the theory
of the flat-faced apes.

The Flat Face Theory will be performed at the opening; 28/11 18:30,
and one time during the exhibition period; on the 11/12 16:30.


Knuckle Soup is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation,
and City of Copenhagen Committee of Visual Art